चका चाक! ज़बरदस्त! शाबाश! 
It's quite something else to appreciate the good things in life in your own language!
For this project, I used vernacular words used to express appreciation.These words are fun, loud, positive and are usually said with a lot of energy.I took inspiration from similar visual culture; Bollywood movie posters, hand painted signs, old currency and explored printmaking and type.

Inspired by old indian 2 anna coins, this print says that you are simply 'two' good!
I explored relief printing with different materials like MDF and different kinds of wood.
Chaka-chak is a vernacular saying which implies that everything is good, bright and shiny!
Experiments on all kinds of glossy, shiny and brightly coloured papers.
Zabardast simply means terrific!
Project done at Print Labs, NID
Photographs by Naina Bhan

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