Leading Lights on Design: 1979-2018
An Anthology of Convocation Addresses Delivered at the National Institute of Design.
 Cover photograph by Titu Mili, Lettering by Pragun Agarwal
The entire book is typeset in Proforma and the chapters are demarcated by bold typography, 
which mentions the year of the convocation.
Each chapter divider mentions the chapter number, the year and order of the convocation,
the name of the speech and the author of the speech.
Photograph from the NID archives.
Each chapter has some highlighted pull out quotes, and each chapter ends with a short bio about the author. The book is interspersed with images from NID's history.
This book has been conceptualised in the NID Research and Publication Department, under the guidance of Mr. Tarun Deep Girdher.
Editing and Proofreading: Helga Govindan
Design: Ishita Jain, Tarun Deep Girdher
Layout: Jayesh Leuva, Ishita Jain
Cover Design: Tarun Deep Girdher, Ishita Jain
Cover Photograph: Titu Mili
Lettering: Pragun Agarwal
Print Supervision: Tarun Deep Girdher, Yogesh Patil
Photographs: NID archives
Styling and Photography: Ishita Jain, Arunav Sharma

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