Sephora paired up Women Who Draw to commission 9 artists to create a series of exclusive prints that reflect the brand's core values.'Beauty in the Wild' focuses on the sustainability and inclusion aspects of Sephora.
I looked for plants and flowers similar in form to common beauty items.You'll notice mascara wands emerging from peace lilies, eyeshadow palettes on the ' eyes' of butterflies and the intriguing lip plant in this illustration.
This particular poster was chosen as a national print and 100,000 copies were distributed across 100 Sephora stores in the U.S.
The image was hand drawn and then coloured digitally.
The poster was also available as a downloadable wallpaper in select stores.
As part of the holiday promotion, I drew live and customised some of the posters for customers
at the Sephora 5th Avenue store in NYC on select weekends.

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