Sketches from a burgeoning spring across the city, New York 2023.
Spring Snowfall
As peak pinks give way to bright, fresh greens the gentle April winds blow and
 bestow a shower of soft, fluttering petals on enchanted passersby.
Along with the April rains, some trees drop entire flowers in gentle, continuous plops.
Sitting under this shower, on a carpet of flowers and petals is divine.
Oh to be a child getting flung into a tree.
Peak Pink
The accelerated pace of spring seems to bring about a sense of urgency in life.
Everything is growing and changing so fast. If you don't step outside for even a week, entire species
of trees would have gone through a massive transformation and you wouldn't have ever known. 
Misty spring morning at Riverside Park
Burgeoning spring in the city. Central Park, NY

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