A compilation of some of of the spot illustrations of jars and preserved specimens from the book.
A compilation of slides and microscopic imagery from the Pfizer Lab, NYBG
A spread from the book- How I imagine the New York skyline to be.
Pfizer Lab with Dr. Barbara Ambrose and her team, New York Botanical Gardens
The Garden People at the Riverside Park
Flowers from all over the world at the Flower District in Chelsea
Feel free to talk to the plants, they understand- Seen at the Flower District, Chelsea
A preview of the first chapter- An interview with Dr. Ina Vandebroek, an ethnobotanist at the NYBG
Excerpts from an interview with The Garden People and Frances, one of the gardeners.
Excerpt from the interview with Tarah Rhoda, a bio artist. This piece is titled 'Ourglass'
Excerpts from an interview with Alex Crowder, a florist.

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