Red Riding Hood exists to figure out why we feel a sense of disconnect with our bodies growing up.
To understand, that simply facts and clinical information alone, are not enough.
To remind, that one conversation is never enough.
To remind how important it is, to get to know our minds and our bodies;
gently, lovingly and honestly.
Growing up, we talk, study and learn about almost all major organs and systems in our bodies,
yet, somehow our genitals are always forgotten.
Forget loving our bodies, most of us aren’t even aware of our bodies. 
This lack of information translates into confusion and frustration as we grow up,
and being uncomfortable in our own skin becomes so easy.

*Plug in, Volume up*
 When I was in my teens, I was totally perplexed by this strange,
mysterious, labyrinthine and complicated part of me.

*Plug in, Volume up*
When I first got my period, bath time, truly was horrifying.

*Plug in, Volume up*
I was in complete denial when I realised that I would have to
deal with my period every month, for quite a lot of years.
Nope. I did not sign up for this.I refused to be a girl. 
Often we have to put up with a lot of bullshit, in the name of societal norms.
We are the ones who have a period every month and our bodies are the ones that keep changing, 
so it should be upto us to decide how we want to deal with it. 
The least that the society can do is to not shame us, restrict us or control us for expressing how we feel.
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