Floating Ideas
Floating Ideas
is an interactive, typographic installation that tries to show the process of ideation.
Often during the process of brainstorming, we have some great ideas, some ideas that never get to see the light of day, a lot of confusion, expression and turmoil.

The suspended typographic paper sculptures engage the viewer as they rotate.
The viewer can move around the sculptures to read the quotation.
The lighting in the room creates interesting shadows on the walls and the viewers, which gives the sense of being engulfed by our thoughts and reflects the chaos of the process of ideation.
some hand lettered explorations
The final approach, the letters were printed, cut and composed carefully.
“Eventually everything connects - Ideas, People, Concepts. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” 
― Charles Eames
"baby, air and light and time and space
have nothing to do with it
and don’t create anything
except maybe a longer life to find
new excuses for."
 ― Charles Bukowski
A mixture of black and white was used on selected quotations to create emphasis.
Lighting was a crucial element to create constantly moving word projections on the walls and viewers.

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