Trail Mapping
NID being the epicentre of postcolonial design in India, hosted an exhibition :
You Are Here: NID Traces
An exhibition that uncovers some of National Institute of Design’s (NID) hidden design stories. It is devised as a trail through the fifty year old modernist building, treating its spaces, corridors and workshops as a palimpsest.

Aleo and Whitney were the typefaces used.
The above colours and icons are recurrent themes in the website, banners,signages and conference kits.
Identity designed by Nidhi Singh Rathore

The map was multipurpose; for both the exhibit, as well as a general guide for all basic needs of the delegates.
The exhibits are divided across three floors, as is the map, which unfolds in order.
The map tries to present a non linear trail which allows the user to follow his own path.
The most vibrant colour; orange represents the exhibit areas, blue; the conference areas and brown; the iconic landmarks within the building.​​​​​​​

A set of 250 maps were printed for the exhibition.
The conference kit which included bags, postcards for each exhibit, the itinerary, the map, the 2013 NID calendar and the conference booklet.
The signages and the Metal workshop exhibit.
The entire exhibiton, the signages, the exhibits, the content, the branding was put together by various designers,students and professors from various disciplines.
Signages by Adarsh Rajan
After the exhibiton, a set of 35 exhibition brochures were made
to be taken to the London Design Week.
Each of brochures were manually riveted, creased and assembled.
The riveted brochure consisted of distinct images and displays from each exhibit, intricately folded inside an experiential map of the institute, tries to reflect the chaos and history of the design stories told in the exhibition.
Photographs by : Tom Wilson, Dinesh Abiram, Adira Thekkuveettil, Ishita Jain and NID archives.

The front and the back of the Animation Exhibit card within the brochure.
One of the overlaid images printed on gateway.
The gateway paper let images interact with what lay underneath them, much like the interdisciplinary nature of the institute where all disciplines
constantly try to engage with each other.
Ready to go!
A small thank you to my friends who helped me rivet and crease each of the brochures!

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